Pittsburgh, PA


The City of Pittsburgh is known for its tough, unrelenting spirit. Considered a paradigm of managing industrial transition in the mid-20th century, “the Steel City,” remade itself from a powerhouse of industry to a hub of healthcare, education and tech. The second-most populous city in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh provides a multitude of opportunities for its over 300,000 residents. The city boasts prominent museums, multiple research centers and a thriving cultural district, and it has defended its place in the top three “most livable cities” for several years. Besides appreciating overall livability, however, Pittsburgh residents can also enjoy living alongside large medical providers, more than 29 colleges and universities, 1600 technology firms, seven Fortune 500 companies and several top U.S. law firms, which all mark Pittsburgh as a top destination for job growth and employment. Despite a changed economic base, the city’s industrial heritage runs deep, and many of these modern businesses find their homes in renovated factories. This marriage of the old and the new is distinctly “Pittsburgh,” where the same grit and determination that marked its industrial past have ultimately fueled its transformation and continued growth. 

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